Master Mix Parlay Challenge

Are you a mix parlay master? Let’s challenge your mix parlay skills at and bring home YAMAHA N-MAX, FREEEE!!

If you have very good skills in playing mix parlays, then what are you waiting for? This is a super big deal to win many special limited prizes from us. The good news is you even can choose your own prizes (IDR millions, Samsung S9 and YAMAHA N-MAX motorbike), WOW! Do you think the prizes are easy to win? Yes of course! There are lot of members who’d chosen and brought home their prizes! So when is your turn? Faster, grab it now!

List of Master Mix Parlay Challenge’s Winners:

1 wi****5 SAMSUNG S9
2 ta9**** IDR 1.000.000
3 ca****77 IDR 1.000.000
4 ta**79** SAMSUNG S9
5 ve33**** IDR 3.000.000
6 pec****1 iPhone XS – MAX
7 kip****25 Yamaha N-Max
8 gu***02 IDR 1.000.000
9 men**** IDR 1.000.000


Mau ikutan juga? Syaratnya mudah aja koq:

1. This promotion will start from 1st 00:00:00(GMT+8) – 28th February 2019 23:59:59(GMT+8).
2. Minimum bet parlay is IDR 50,000.
3. Minimum pairing team parlay is 5 teams with minimum odds is 10.
4. Parlay required to win all of the pairing teams . If one of the pair is win half / lose half we consider the parlay bet Invalid.
5. Valid only for FULL TIME HANDICAP and FULL TIME OVER UNDER. If there is FT 1×2 pair , for HALFTIME HANDICAP or HALF TIME OVER UNDER then we consider as a Invalid Parlay.
6. Maximum 10 Tickets per day
7. Applicable for Soccer only.


Minimal Bet Terms
(in a row)
Prizes Person/Unit(s)
50 3 days IDR 1.000.000 20
4 days IDR 3.000.000 10
5 days SAMSUNG S9 7
6 days IPHONE XS – MAX 5
7 days YAMAHA N-MAX 3


9. Prizes will be processed within 30 days from the time of claim (Depends on the reward obtained)8. Member who won additional prize, need to do confirmation through livechat , and send the betslip to our email [email protected]
10. We have the right to cancel every earned victory with fraudulent manner or forbidden according to
11. All decision from are decisive.
12. This promotion can be change anytime without any notification.
13. Terms and conditions applied .

So what are you waiting for? Join us now!

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