Matuidi speaks up about Coronavirus infection

After Daniele Rugani, Juventus found one more player who tested positive for the COVID-19 Virus, the player was French midfielder, Blaise Matuidi.

For information, Coronavirus outbreak is currently indeed a pandemic throughout the world. Italy itself is listed as the second worst country after China which was exposed to this deadly plague.

More than 30 thousand cases were found, and more than 2500 people have been declared dead until this news was revealed.

The situation also forced the government to temporarily ban several activities that triggered the crowd, including football.

Yes, the Italian Serie A has been officially postponed, at least until the beginning of May 2020, starting from March 9 yesterday. Shortly after the announcement of the postponement of Serie A, there were two players who were found positive for the virus, including Manolo Gabbiadini and Juventus defender Daniele Rugani.

Well, the latest Juventus found another new case that befell his players, he is a French midfielder, Blaise Matuidi. Yes, the former Paris Saint-Germain player has tested positive for the Corona virus, as Juventus announced officially on Tuesday (17/03).

That is, Matuidi is the second Juventus player who contracted this virus. Since the news was announced, Matuidi seemed reluctant to comment. Then the next day, or Wednesday (3/18) local time, the midfielder spoke up through his social media.

Matuidi claimed that he had no symptoms at all related to this virus. Therefore, he is grateful to be a professional footballer, because medical tests are always done regularly after the quarantine process.

“I’m positive. Usually I like to think that I’m positive. Someone who usually tries to spread good waves around him, my family, my friends, my teammates,”

“Today I am still positive. I carry the virus without symptoms, aware of the privileges of professional footballers and other benefits of regular players and professional medical supervision. If not, I might never know. I am positive, I am strong, morally good, and so is my family,” wrote Matuidi.

With the positive of the player contracting Coronavirus, it means that Matuidi must undergo a more stringent isolation process and receive intensive care.

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