Mauricio Pochettino opens door for Juventus

Amid preparations for this season of Champions League Final, it turns out Mauricio Pochettino was hit by hot gossip related to the search for a new coach conducted by Juventus. The latest mention is that the coach opened a negotiating path for any party including Juventus to work together in the next season.

This news emerged after a cousin of Mauricio Pochettino opened his voice, where he acknowledged the existence of negotiations between the Juventus side with Mauricio Pochettino. The Pochettino career with Tottenham is quite impressive. Although not too active in the summer transfer market, but in fact, he successfully drove Tottenham to the final round.

The name of Pochettino is actually said to be in demand by Manchester United and Real Madrid, but recently, he was included in the strong candidate for candidate replacement Massimiliano Allegri, who decided to leave Juventus in the next season.

Pochettino’s siblings, Daniele also said the former Southampton coach’s achievements had been proven. Daniele was brave enough to boast that Pochettino would be able to present the Champions League title to Tottenham to successfully beat Liverpool in Madrid later.

“I thought, Pochettino would replace Allegri, because Pochettino is a coach who has shown that he can work well and reaching the final with Tottenham is a real example,” said Daniele.

“If he plays as usual, in my opinion this is the right year to become a champion. I met him a few months ago, I met someone who was very kind and very helpful. The Bianconeri’s target is of course the Champions League and my cousin has all the qualities needed to become a coach at this club,”

“Pochettino has shown that he has the right experience to become a coach in Europe. With Tottenham he was able to lead a group of players who were not too famous. Everything in our family will be happy to see it at Juventus, “he concluded.

Daniele’s statement clearly indicates that Pochettino’s target is the same as Juventus’ goal of pursuing a Champions League title. He asserted that what Pochettino had done for Tottenham was one proof that was worth taking into account.

Daniele is so confident that Pochettino will match the atmosphere of the Italian Serie A, moreover if he is right at Juventus, it is not impossible that Pochettino will become a champion who is able to compete at the world level.

“Of course he was interested in moving to Italy, he said that he wanted to come here to look for his ancestors. We also talked about Piedmontese cuisine [the area of Juventus], and he wanted to try it again,” continued Daniele.

“The desire must be there, now it depends on Juventus whether they can convince Pochettino. The decision is entirely in his hands. If he does accept Juventus’ proposal, we will welcome him with open arms,”

The issue of the arrival of new coaches at Juventus is indeed hot again, before the name Pochettino appeared, in fact there were already names of world-class coaches who were included in the Bianconeri transfer candidates next season. The names of the coaches are Antonio Conte, Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Simone Inzaghi, and Jurgen Klopp.

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