Maurizio Sarri’s favorite in the European Champions League

Chelsea coach, Maurizio Sarri recently expressed his prediction on the favorite team in the European Champions League. It must be admitted that this Italian coach who is rivals from his former team, Juventus, was one of the favorites in the competition, then there was also Manchester City which showed its maturity.

As is well known, the European Champions League this season has indeed taken place, although only two group stage matches have been held, but still, there are a number of assumptions regarding which team will win the annual trophy. Well, Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri is one who recently expressed his opinion.

According to the former Napoli coach, there are at least two teams which he thinks are favorites in the European Champions League this season, they are Juventus and Manchester City. In Serie A, according to Sarri, Juventus no longer has a match. While, Manchester City have shown their maturity to win the annual trophy.

“In Serie A, there is no rival for Juventus. When I used to say that, people thought I was only protecting myself, but now they have skyrocketed. This season, there are two candidates to win the Champions League: Juventus and Manchester City.”

“I always think Guardiola’s squad is mature enough for the final step on the European stage, but we have to see how the Spanish clubs perform in March. Everything changes quickly in the Champions League.” told Sarri to Corriere dello Sport.

Juventus brought four new top ammunition in the transfer market last summer, they started the campaign this season with 10 consecutive wins in all competitions, two of which were in the European Champions League. Whereas Manchester City just packed one victory at the annual event.

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