Mauro Icardi reveals Neymar’s true character

Mauro Icardi just became a defender of Paris Saint-Germain, though he was already well acquainted with the character and character of his team-mates there, including Neymar.

Speaking of Neymar, in recent months, many people have doubted the Brazilian star’s loyalty to Paris Saint-Germain. Then, the attitude displayed by ex-Barcelona outside the field is also often the target of criticism.

Even this has become even worse as rumors of his return to Barcelona continue to strengthen.

A number of media outlets also often report issues related to this ex-Santos player, even leading to his personal life. Neymar is considered to like diving, likes to play games, and others.

Of course PSG is the club that loses the most when its most expensive players continue to be the target of media and public criticism.

Related to this, Mauri Icardi, who claimed to have known Neymar well, stressed that the real player was not as bad as reported.

“People may see it differently from the outside, but the truth is far different. We all know Neymar what a footballer is like, and when you start to get to know him personally, you will immediately be familiar with him.”

“Because the real one is not like the media. He is a teammate who never hesitate to make sure his colleagues feel good. This is the mindset we need, “Icardi stressed to France Football.

In the Paris Saint-Germain dressing room, Icardi even called Neymar a role model for other players. Not only because of the fact that he is a best player, but also how his attitude and humility.

Neymar does not hesitate to get along with anyone while in the dressing room or training session.

“Great players are always the first to set an example. He is a man who is always happy and can be friends with everyone. He is humble,”

“It’s important to be yourself because, in the end, we are like a big family that spends almost every day together. He has a good sense of humor and makes us all feel comfortable every day,” he concluded.

Lately, Neymar is rumored to be going back to Barcelona. But until now no agreement has been reached.

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