Mbappe doesn’t discuss new contract, signal to join Madrid?

A talented young striker belonging to the French National Team, Kylian Mbappe seemed to shy away when asked about his new contract with Paris Saint-Germain. Although emphasizing that this is not the right time to discuss this matter, but the public believes that Mbappe was not interested in extending his contract with the defending champion French Ligue 1.

Kylian Mbappe is one of the best young players in the world in recent years. Since his glorious performance with AS Monaco, concerned has indeed become the target of a number of European giants. However, the 21-year-old figure finally decided to stay in France by accepting the Paris Saint-Germain proposal for 180 million Euros.

Currently, he is in his third season with Paris Saint-Germain, and during that period Mbappe continued to show significant developments. He is certainly the mainstay of Les Parisiens directed by Thomas Tuchel, and will still be so for the next few years. But at the moment, the fact is that Mbappe’s contract at PSG only lasts until 2022.

This means that there are only two years left, no wonder reporters then ask questions about the contract, but Mbappe seems to avoid these questions.

“This is not the right time to talk about it. Now is the time to focus on football and I just focus on this season. I just want to focus on football and focus on facing this season. The club is also stable and this is not the right time to focus on other things, “said Mbappe as reported by the US.

Although the reason is because the timing is not right, but many believe that this is a signal for Real Madrid to recruit him at the end of the season. As is known, Real Madrid is one of the clubs interested in bringing Mbappe. But it is not an easy matter for Los Blancos to land Mbappe to the Santiago Bernabeu.

Because, Paris Saint-Germain clearly does not want to let go of the players, or at least they put a very high price tag, even estimated at 200 million Euros or about IDR 3 trillion! And this price is likely to continue to rise when the transfer market opens. In addition, there are many other European giants who are also interested in Mbappe.

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