Mehdi Benatia calls Massimiliano Allegri a liar?

Ex-Juventus, Mehdi Benatia secretly holds a grudge with Massimiliano Allegri. In a brief acknowledgment, Benatia claimed to have been given a big promise by Allegri, since the beginning of the season which in the end was all just a figment of the alias or never proven the truth.

The 2017-2018 season was the season where Benatia got the chance as a regular player with a duet with Giorgio Chiellini at the heart of the Juventus defense. Noted, he has never missed any Serie A and Champions League matches.

The next season was a gray season for Benatia since the arrival of Leonardo Bonucci, from AC Milan in 2018. On that basis, why is Benatia more visible on the back of the bench. It is rare to get the chance to force Benatia to take a firm stance, and that attitude refers to the decision to leave Allianz Juventus.

Benatia, 32, finally decided to move to the Qatar club, Al-Duhail in January 2019. The main reason why Benatia moved was worship factor, but behind that he could not cover and boldly revealed his resentment to Allegri who spread false promises to him.

“When I heard about Bonucci’s return, I immediately met Allegri. He said that Chiellini and I were starters and Bonucci had to struggle to get his place back. Even so, I did not play so I was angry, “said Benatia.

The intention was round and no one could stop Benatia’s departure from Juventus at that time. Interestingly again when none of his colleagues tried to hold himself back from defending the Bianconeri.

“I convey my desire to management that I want to continue playing, so I decided to move. My teammates tried to change my mind, but everything was too late, “concluded Benatia.

You could say Benatia’s career was quite good, although it didn’t play much role in Juventus’ journey on the domestic and European stage. But his figure is as a player who once played a role in helping Juventus become champions of the Italian Serie A and various titles last season.

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