Messi: 2019 Copa America’s winner has been set!

Recognition of Lionel Messi about the implementation of the 2019 Copa America again made a scene. One figure commenting on the statement is the Brazilian national team defensive midfielder, Casemiro. In a confession, the player fully surrendered to Messi, which means that everyone has the right to speak.

As had happened before, where Messi made the Copa America stage shake. On one occasion, Messi said the implementation of the 2019 Copa America had been set or arranged in favor of Brazil as the host.

Messi said this was after the Argentine national team was defeated by Brazil in the semi-finals. This defeat is a bit embarrassing as the score 2-0 must be received Messi cs. As for Messi, who played full-sighted he was very disappointed and did not accept the defeat by claiming not to be tried very well.

Messi believes that there are several referee decisions that benefit Brazil so that opportunities are rarely obtained by Argentina. All of this did not last long, Messi finally issued his opinion which attracted many responses.

“There is no doubt that Brazil will be the champion because the trophy has been prepared for them,” said Messi accusations against Brazil acting as host.

Argentina in the Copa America 2019 had to settle for being in the position of the top three champions after the third place race, Albiceleste was able to beat Chile with a score of 2-1. In this party, one hot note is that both teams have to play with 10 players after Messi and Gary Medel get a direct red card for arguing.

Even until the match ended, Messi again issued a hot criticism. CONMEBOL as the organizer has issued its official statement on the comments from Messi.

In addition to giving allegations that the Copa America 2019 has been arranged for Brazil, Messi also accused of conspiracy in Argentina and suspected corruption in the event.

“We should not have been part of this corruption event, from the lack of respect that we suffered during this Copa America. We feel we deserve more, and they don’t let us be in the final, unfortunately. I repeat, corruption, the referee does not allow us to be in the final, “accuses Messi.

“The fundamental pillar of fair play is accepting results with loyalty and respect. The same thing applies to the decision of the referee, who is also a human being and will never be perfect, “answered Messi’s question from CONMEBOL.

“There are no requests for any competition-related incidents, involving 12 countries, all in the same conditions, there are unjust and wrong accusations and judge the integrity of the Copa America.”

“This accusation is clearly not an appropriate respect for this competition, all football players involved, and hundreds of professionals at CONMEBOL, institutions that have worked tirelessly since 2016 to try to be transparent, professional, and develop South American football,” concluded CONMEBOL.

In this edition of the Copa America 2019, the host Brazil won the championship after beating Peru 3-1 in the final. After this match, Casemiro, who took part in the success of Brazil, opened his voice.

“Anyone who speaks, speaks what they want. It’s not my turn to talk. This is a problem that is a little difficult to extend,” said Casemiro.

Coming out as champions, Brazil fulfilled that achievement to nine Copa America titles that they last got in 2017.

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