Messi not on the list of top 3 Ballon D’Or, Valverde feels strange

The top 3 of Ballon d’Or candidates for this year have not yet been announced by France Football, but word has circulated that claims that Barcelona’s Mega Star, Lionel Messi, is not on the list of candidates. Related to this, the Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde found it strange to see Messi not in the top 3 candidates for the award.

As is known, France Football as the initiator of the award of the world’s best players has indeed released a list of 30 names of players who are included in the list of candidates, of course, Lionel Messi is one of them. As for the top three candidates, so far the French media has not announced, but there has been a lot of news circulating about the top three candidates, interestingly, Lionel Messi is not one of them.

Yes, many people believe the 31-year-old player is not included in the list of candidates for the world’s best players this year. Though the performance of the last season was fairly good, where the Argentine players delivered Barca to embrace the Spanish League trophy and the Copa Del Rey. But indeed, when compared to Luka Modric, Mbappe or Mohamed Salah, Messi’s individual performance is seen as less flashy.

If it is true that the name Messi is not included in the list of candidates, then this is the first time for this player since 2007, it is only natural that Barcelona coach, Ernesto Valverde feels strange because the Argentine mega star’s name is not included in the list of candidates. In fact, in terms of performance, Messi need not be doubted to appear brilliant, including at the beginning of this season, where he has packed 15 goals in all competitions.

“This really surprised me like the others. Messi was named the best player in the Champions League this season after the first, second and fifth matches – and he did not play in the third and fourth game due to injury. We did not say that, this award was chosen by UEFA. It’s a bit strange he didn’t enter the candidate.”

“To those who are stirred in the big 3, congratulations. Everyone is free to think what they want, but it’s strange [that Messi isn’t on the list]. “Valverde said at a press conference ahead of the match vs Villarreal.

As for Messi throughout his career, he has collected five Ballon d’Or, each of which was won in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015.

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