Messi showed his support for World Down Syndrome Day

Lionel Messi for the umpteenth time showed concern for fellow human beings, especially for those in need. One exemplary story is when the Barcelona mega-star returned to play a role in the humanitarian movement, and this attitude clearly had a positive influence on the world.

This latest, Messi played a role in voicing World Down Syndrome Day. The way Messi is also quite unique, where he shows his mistakes by wearing different colored socks. Where his left foot shows white colored socks, and his right foot shows Spider-Man’s picture socks.

This method immediately received a positive response from millions of fans of Messi, and not infrequently who gave praise and prayer to the player to continue to succeed in his football career. The way Messi is clear is in the framework of World Down Syndrome Day.

“Thank you @marcelotinelli for joining the call #DiaInternacionalDelSindromeDeDown
Upload photos on your social media and point 3 friends to do it. “I nominated @ luissuarez9 and @ 10 aberosergiokun and love in my life, @ antoroccuzzo88.” Messi wrote on his Instagram account.

Getting to know more about this World Down Syndrome Day is an allusion to people who are born perfect that there are people in need in this world, and one of them is a person who has Down Syndrome disorder.

Down Syndrome is known as a general genetic disorder or disorder which gives rise to differences in learning abilities and certain physical characteristics. Unfortunately a thousand pity, Down Syndrome until now there has been no cure or cannot be cured, but with maximum attention and support, children with Down Syndrome disorders can grow happy.

In other words, Down Syndrome children really need special attention than other normal children. Developments that run very long and are not the same as normal children, then every Down Syndrome child experiences different developments.

The way Messi deserves to be appreciated is because not all world-class footballers and stars know about Down Syndrome. However they are creation of God and we must pay attention to them as they should.

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