Messi wants to retire from Barca?

Mega world soccer star, Lionel Messi is slowly revealing the future prospects of his career. Through his opening opportunity, Messi spoke by declaring a promise to stay at Barcelona until the end of his career as a professional player.

This issue arose immediately with the circulation of a special clause in the Lionel Messi contract. In its contents, Messi is claimed to be able to leave Camp Nou, whenever he wants without having to pay any compensation.

This situation then spread many questions related to the future of Messi. The public was worried about the potential for Messi to leave Barcelona sooner or later. Hearing the issue circulating, Messi also tried to cool the atmosphere by saying he would not go.

“Of course I will survive if you love me. I am very happy with the idea of staying here and everything remains the same. I feel even more confident I will end my career here.” said Messi, which can be interpreted as being too comfortable at Camp Nou.

“I consider this because of my desires and also the interests of my family. I don’t want to change the social circle and friendship my child has had. I have felt how it feels to be separated from my friends and I do not want the same thing to happen to my children. “Concluded Messi.

Messi continued his admission was true when there was a plan to end his football career together with a childhood club, Newell Old Boys. However, Messi now claims to doubt that can happen.

“Since childhood I have had a dream to want a career in Argentine football. Everything is different there, both the good and bad sides. But sometimes you have to think about your family’s interests rather than what you want. “Added Messi.

When talking about contracts, Messi’s contract with Barcelona will end soon. Where the agreement is at the end of the upcoming 2021 season. Until now there has been no specific discussion from both parties, either the extension or salary value desired by Messi.

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