Messi’s confession: he wants to leave Barcelona in a good way

Barcelona captain Lionel Messi spoke again about his planned move from Camp Nou, which was delayed last summer. This time, La Pulga admitted that he wanted to leave Barcelona in the right way.

The temptation between Messi and Barcelona did evaporate in the transfer market last summer. At that time, Messi was known to have sent a fax to the Catalan giants containing a request to move clubs.

In his contract at Barcelona that has one year left, there is indeed a clause that allows Messi to leave for free. However, Barcelona insisted that the clause had expired.

As a result, Messi can only leave if a club redeems his release clause of 700 million Euros. Obviously, in the midst of a pandemic like this, no club could provide that much funding. As a result, Messi stayed at Barcelona.

Messi himself admitted that before sending the fax he had repeatedly spoken to the Club President that he wanted to leave. Messi felt that it was time for him to leave the club.

“I have repeatedly told the club president that I want to move. Burofax is a way of saying it officially, and seriously,”

“I think I have completed a cycle and need a change. My head is out of here. I know this is a transitional year with young players,” Messi told La Sexta, quoted by Marca.

At the same time, the player nicknamed La Pulga said that he was now determined to leave Barcelona in the right way, giving the final offering in the form of a championship trophy.

“I want to fight for the Champions League and for La Liga. I want to leave Barcelona and I want to do it the right way. The president started filtering things to make me look like the bad guy from a film,” explained Messi.

But one thing the 6 Ballon d’Or winner can say is that this season, Barcelona are in a difficult situation.

“I want to fight for everything in front. Everything that surrounds the club is difficult. The club is in a very bad situation, very badly, and it is difficult to return to where we were before,” said Lionel Messi.

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