Messi’s response on Manchester City’s UEFA ban

Financial Fair Play sanctions imposed on Manchester City provoked many comments, one of which was Barcelona’s mega star Lionel Messi. Moreover, these sanctions make City threatened to miss the European Champions League the next two seasons.

Manchester City have been proven to falsify their income reports from Sponsors with the aim of avoiding financial penalties for Fair play. However, their strategy stifled UEFA, as a result the Premier League giants must accept the consequences are quite heavy.

Based on UEFA’s announcement a week ago, Manchester City were sanctioned in the form of a ban on appearing in all European competitions in the next two seasons plus a fine of 30 million Euros.

It’s clear that the sentence is believed to have a big impact on Manchester City. The reason, a number of Manchester City star players are believed to be ready to leave the Etihad Stadium. So far, there has been Bernardo Silva who claims to want to return to the arms of Benfica.

Not only that, even coach Pep Guardiola is also believed to be ready to leave the coach seat at the Etihad Stadium. Because the Spanish manager does have the determination to win the European Champions League again. His determination was clearly not going to materialize if you stay at Manchester City.

No doubt, the sanctions obtained by Manchester City provoked a lot of comments. Including the arrival of Barcelona mega star Lionel Messi. The Argentine national team captain said he was surprised to hear the sanctions imposed on Citizen.

Far from it, Messi considers that if City were absent in the European Champions League in two seasons, their players might leave.

“This sanction is quite surprising, because no one thought it could be this fast. Paris Saint-Germain is paying a fine or I don’t know how the problem will proceed,”

“If in the end City do not play in the Champions League as specified, with the players, clubs and money spent, it will feel strange. If it is true that they did not qualify for the Champions League, there will be a lot of players who leave, or may stay. The Champions League is very interesting, so two years without playing it can be chaotic,” Messi said.

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