Messi’s “sacred oath” for Argentina National Team!

Lionel Messi loudly issued a sacred oath to continue to defend the Argentina national team, if still needed. The truth of this remark can be proven when Messi answered the question about the failure of Argentina in the 2019 Copa America stage, where the Barcelona star insisted he would continue playing until Argentina reached the finish point or until his energy was still needed.

The semi-final of 2019 Copa America this time presents the Superclasico between Argentina vs Brazil. The match which was held on Wednesday, 3 July 2019, made Argentina again fail to step away after being beaten 2-0 by Brazil.

Messi, who played and went down as the captain of the Argentine national team, was disappointed with the sad look on his face that he had to accept again that Argentina failed to step into the final ladder. Although it has performed optimally, but Messi still cannot deliver his national team to triumph in the international arena.

If referring to the record of Messi at the level of the Argentine national team, then this failure is inversely proportional to the record in the club’s league with Barcelona. You could say Messi managed to achieve everything with the Catalan team, but with the Argentine national team has not presented a title at all.

Messi’s best achievement is to deliver Argentina in two Copa America finals and one World Cup final just to swallow a bitter defeat. The last time it happened was three years ago, where Argentina were beaten by Chile in the 2016 Copa America Centenario final, which ended with a decision moment hanging up.

Slowly the status was faded by the death of Argentina national team coach, Messi finally put on an Argentine costume. That period passed, and Messi played for Argentina in the 2018 World Cup which featured a short story.

At the 2018 Russian World Cup, Messi was given an important task as Argentina’s game life. Jorge Sampaoli, who at the time won trust as a coach deliberately designed a team that could maximize Messi’s ability, but unfortunately the tactic was the source of the problem.

Argentina’s game is so easy to read when Messi is locked up by an opponent. Their hopes were dashed in the last 16, barely even qualifying from the group phase. The story of this failure was also filled with the silence of Messi and missed a few months at international level.

Currently after failing in the 2019 Copa America Brazil, Messi will be rumored to be hanging up his shoes. But Messi expressly denied all these allegations, and tried to show his manhood in public. In the midst of the dense issue, Messi also vowed to still give everything to the Argentine national team.

Messi stressed that while still breathing, as long as both of his legs could still dribble, Messi would give everything to be able to reach his target as world champion or enter the finals.

“If I can still help in any way, I will continue to do it. I feel very good in this group. This is a good generation, talented, who has proven that they love the national team. They have a bright future and a great foundation, they just need time, “Messi answered when he got a question about Argentina’s failure in the 2019 Copa America.

Now the public is increasingly curious about the progress of Messi, who is rumored to be returning to play with the Argentine national team. One of the closest world class events is the 2022 Qatar World Cup, and if it is true that Messi still play, he is already 35 years old!

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