Messi’s wife’s bum as sexy as Kim Kardashian’s

Being a lover or the wife of a world-class soccer star does have to be prepared to bear the risks of both positive and negative things. This has just happened to the wife of Lionel Messi, Antonella Roccuzzo, who was the center of attention of the world with her sexy curves.

The interesting part of Antonella Roccuzzo this time is her buttocks. Based on the news that is currently hot, Messi’s wife was caught on camera while waiting for public transport in the form of a taxi in a city of Barcelona. Seen in that moment, Antonella Roccuzzo wore sexy clothes that clearly showed her body shape from top to bottom.

Showed that Antonella Roccuzzo’s jeans are super tight, and there is almost no gap showing the shape of the butt that is clearly visible. With the results of the photo camera, many claims say that Antonella Roccuzzo’s butt is similar to Jennifer Lopez and even Kim Kardashian.

“She is like a queen without a crown. Every time we see Lionel Messi’s wife, it feels very beautiful to look at,” said the news article released in various Spanish media.

The romance of Messi with Antonella Roccuzzo was indeed very long and full of twists and turns, it was noted that the two hot couples had known each other at school age. Messi was nine years old, while Roccuzzo was still eight years old.

Rarely do you know how the official process of dating between Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo. Here it is mentioned that the wife began to bring love to the husband when a moment of grief came. Where one of Antonella Roccuzzo’s best friends died tragically in Argentina.

The moment also gave rise to a bright light that brought Messi to the heart of Antonella Roccuzzo who happened to come to express his condolences. Since then, Messi began to show his manhood by courageously approaching Antonella Roccuzzo.

Antonella Roccuzzo, 31 years old, finally felt very heart-touching and gave her heart to the Barcelona star. The wife herself revealed that Messi was a caring person. The inauguration of the marriage of the two couples had just happened in the 2017 season, and until now they have been blessed with two cute and adorable kids.

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