Mesut Ozil praises Mikel Arteta, but takes a swipe at Unai Emery?

Senior midfielder from Germany, Mesut Ozil returned his flattery to the new arsenal coach, Mikel Arteta. It’s just that, in his praise this time, the former Real Madrid player also insinuated his former coach, Unai Emery.

As is known, Arsenal made a change of coach in November 2018, when Unai Emery was fired and replaced by Freddie Ljungberg for a while. Arsenal then approached Mikel Arteta, who at that time was still Pep Guardiola’s assistant at Manchester City. It was only in December 2018 that Arteta officially became a permanent manager.

The man from Spain can be said to bring wind of great changes in the body of Arsenal. In fact, he offered a winning streak that the Gunners have rarely felt for the last few seasons. Inevitably, the positive impact presented by the manager made many parties flatter him.

Including Mesut Ozil. Yes, the German midfielder is now often relied upon Arsenal after being ignored. Obviously Ozil was pleased with Arteta’s presence at the Emirates Stadium. In fact, he did not hesitate to mention that Arteta is the right figure for Arsenal compared to Unai Emery who was previously hailed could raise club achievements.

“Actually, this brings us back to how the old system was implemented. Fight and have ball control, control the game, have the ball every time. It’s something like this that he is working on with us and you can see “all the players seemed to smile, laugh and enjoy this moment – this made us successful. I think he is the right person for the club,” told Ozil to the Sun.

Furthermore, this Turkish bloody player sees Arteta as a hungry, but not ambitious, figure, he is also very humble.

“He can show us everything he has learned in his long career. He knew exactly what we needed. He knew what to say to us, how to give a positive attitude and make us successful. I can see he is very hungry, but at the same time also humble, “he concluded.

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