Michael Schumacher’s cruel side in the eyes of Fernando Alonso

Michael Schumacer is one of the best Formula 1 riders in history. His name is so legendary, even among those who are not connoisseurs of this jet car racing sport.

However, according to Fernando Alonso, a Michael Schumacher has a “cruel” side. Cruel here in his view is how the man from Germany can be so dominant on the race track.

Yes, it is undeniable that throughout his career, the former Ferrari racer was able to carve a number of impressive records. Not only that, Schumacher also did not hesitate to beat all the riders who were his teammates.

This is what is considered the “cruel” side of Michael Schumacher in Fernando Alonso’s view.

“Michael Schumacher is so vile, that I think he is the hardest rider to beat because of his brilliance and natural talent which makes him special. He also always beat his teammates, “said Fernando Alonso, quoted from the Sport Bild website.

Meanwhile, at the current Formula 1 Grand Prix, there is a new champion figure, Lewis Hamilton. He is a racer from Great Britain who has consistently won the world and now has the potential to surpass the legendary Michael Schumacher record.

Talking about Lewis Hamilton and Schumacher, Alonso thinks the two are incomparable because they are racing in different eras. However, according to him Schumacher is still the best in this Jet Car racing arena.

“It’s hard to say because Hamilton and Schumacher are racing in different eras and cars. Hamilton is indeed the best of his generation but he did not win the world championship with McLaren when he was a teammate of Jenson Button, ”

“Nico Rosberg also won the world championship at Mercedes when he teamed up with Hamilton. “While Schumacher has never experienced anything like that, he has always won and this is his specialty,” he explained.

Lewis Hamilton is currently fighting in F1 2020 to become world champion. He is currently leading the standings with 205 points or 44 ahead of his teammate, Valtteri Bottas who is in second place.

If successful, then he managed to match the record of Michael Schumacher who has collected 7 World titles.

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