Mikel Arteta really disappointed to see Arsenal defeated by Leicester City

Arsenal’s tactician, Mikel Arteta, looked very disappointed to see his care team beaten by Leicester City at home. Even more disappointed because one of Arsenal’s goals in the match was even disallowed by the referee.

As is known, Arsenal did host Leicester City in the Premier League continued early in the morning WIB (26/10). Playing at home, the Gunners immediately stepped on the gas from the first minute.

In fact, in the 4th minute, the hosts already scored with Lacazette’s header from a corner.

At that time, Arsenal’s players had already celebrated the goal, but the linesman had instead raised his flag, a sign that the goal was invalid due to an offside earlier.

In the replay, it was not Lacazette who was actually offside, but Granit Xhaka. The Swiss midfielder looked to be trying to distract from goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel.

After the match, coach Mikel Arteta admitted that he was very disappointed. The referee disallowed his team’s goal, even though Arsenal’s players had dominated throughout the first half.

“I’m really disappointed, we managed to control the first half and I don’t know how the goal was ruled out,” Arteta told Sky Sports.

After the goal was disallowed, the match was actually fierce between the two teams. Arsenal do dominate, but Leicester City are not without opportunities.

In the end, 10 minutes from the end, striker Jamie Vardy managed to score a goal against Bernd Leno with a powerful header.

With 10 minutes remaining, Arsenal struggled to score a goal back, but they failed to take every opportunity. As a result, the 0-1 position lasted until the game ended.

“We still have a few moments after the goal but we did too many fouls.”

“The effort made by the players, and the pressure that Leicester is putting on you, is not an easy thing to do but we have to improve,” he said.

With this defeat, Arsenal also had to accept a free fall to 10th place in the standings. From the six matches that have taken place, they have only collected 9 points.

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