Mikel Arteta talks about opportunities to the Champions League

As failure in the Europa League, Arsenal’s opportunity to play in the European Champions League next season is getting smaller. So, what did coach Mikel Arteta say about that fact?

Previously, Arsenal had two paths to qualify for the European Champions League next season. The most they rely on is the Europa League path, of course by becoming champions.

Unfortunately, the path can be said to have been closed along with the elimination of the Gunners in the last 32. Now, they must finish in the last four of the Premier League final standings, because that is the only way left.

However, it should be noted that Mikel Arteta’s troops are still ranked 9th in the standings with 8 points behind Chelsea who are in 4th position.

Speaking of performance in the Premier League, Arsenal appear to have improved since the arrival of Mikel Arteta. They are unbeaten in the last eight matches. The latest, the Gunners are able to beat West Ham with a thin score of 1-0.

But, the victory did not mean anything, the club still ranked 9th, the distance was not trimmed.

This is because rivals like Chelsea, Manchester United, Sheffield United and others also consistently achieve positive results. If it continues like that, it is not impossible the Gunners have to face the same reality as previous seasons.

However, coach Mikel Arteta does not seem to lose optimism. For him there are still many games to be won.

“I do not know. Still a long journey. We want to win every game. Three weeks ago it seemed impossible, now it’s more possible, “Arteta was quoted as saying by Metro.

Since Mikel Arteta took over as manager, the previously dilapidated Arsenal defense now looks solid.

Indeed, Manchester City which he left is now considered to have a porous defense. However, Arteta refuted the notion that his departure was the cause of the dilapidated defenses of rival clubs.

“Sometimes small details make a difference. I think they are out of luck. This is soccer. Things like that can happen, “he concluded.

For information, before moving to Arsenal, Arteta did work as an assistant coach at Manchester City.

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