Mikel Arteta “very disappointed” with Arsenal’s defeat

Arsenal coach, Mikel Arteta, looked very frustrated to see his landing team swallowed up again in the Premier League, to be exact, against Tottenham Hotspur yesterday.

As is known, the North London Club did come to Tottenham headquarters on Sunday (06/11) evening WIB. The Gunners are clearly targeting victory after slumping in their last three matches.

It is true, it can be seen from their insistence from the first minute and immediately dominated the match. In fact, in terms of percentage, Arsenal’s possession of the ball is much better than the host Tottenham Hotspur.

Unfortunately, none of the opportunities created by Aubameyang and Lacazette led to goals.

Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur was immediately able to provide maximum opportunities. Of the six shots on Arsenal, three were right on target with two goals each through Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min.

Yes, in other words, Arsenal again swallowed the bitter pill with a 0-2 defeat of host Tottenham Hotspur.

After the match, coach Mikel Arteta looked very disappointed by the defeat. The reason is, from a statistical point of view, his team was much better but in the end it lost.

“You look at all the statistics, they support us, but in the end it’s about getting the ball in the net,”

“We have a lot of opportunities. We may produce more than before this season, put the ball in the box more than before, have the numbers there,” claims Arteta as reported by Goal.

This fact also makes Arteta hope that his players can learn more about how to maximize opportunities, because after all the most important thing is the final result.

“But in the end we have to score goals, and when they have chances that half of them are goals, and at the moment we haven’t. To build something, you need results,” he complained.

However, Arteta still appreciates the performance of his players regardless of the final result.

“I take a lot of positives for the way we play, when we come here at this moment and play with the personality, courage, passion, energy and confidence the players show,” he said.

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