Millen Cyrus placed in the special cells by the request of family

After being put in a special detention for men because of the gender listed on the KTP, Millen Cyrus was finally placed in a special cell at the request of the family.

As is known, Muhammad Millendari Prakasa or known as Millen Cyrus has indeed been named a suspect in a drug abuse case a few days ago.

Regarding the arrest, there was a debate about the detention cell that the police would choose to place Ashanty’s nephew.

This is related to the fact that Millen Cyrus is transgender, while on her KTP she is a male.

Referring to the KTP, the Tanjung Priok Port Police then stated that Millen should indeed be detained in a male cell.

But of course, the statement sparked debate or rather anxiety among Millen’s fans. They are worried that later Millen will get inappropriate treatment from other inmates.

Considering that he could not be detained in the female’s cell, it was finally decided that Millen Cyrus would be placed in a special cell.

The family later confirmed the news, as did Millen’s close relative, Liza Natalia.

“If from that it is according to the KTP, right? It’s just that we definitely ask to be treated as well as possible,” he said.

“Yes, we are also worried, this is for security. The point is they also know the best procedure,” said Liza Natalia who is a relative of Millen to detikcom.

Furthermore, Liza Natalia on behalf of the Millen family also hopes that Millen can later be placed in a rehabilitation place to get rid of addiction and her habit of consuming drugs.

“We are trying to find out as well. Surely there is a rehab too, yes, the procedure must be long. Yes, this is still being discussed with the family. Please pray,” he concluded.

For information, Millen Cyrus himself has indeed started going viral in the last few years. He is a Transgender who also happens to be Ashanty’s nephew.

The 21-year-old figure also frequently appears on the Anang-Ashanty family’s Hermansyah Family Channel.

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