Miralem Pjanic admits he had rejected Inter Milan’s offer

The new Barcelona midfielder, Miralem Pjanic recently shared the fact that in the past he had rejected offers from a number of European giants, including Bayern Munich and Inter Milan.

The Bosnian man had indeed walked over the green field. He has played for Lyon, AS Roma, Juventus and now Barcelona.

However, his career could have been different had in the past considered offers from a number of big European clubs.

Yes, Pjanic had received offers to join a number of European giants. He revealed that previously there was an offer from the defending German Bundesliga champion, Bayern Munich and also one of Juventus’ main rivals in Italy, Inter Milan.

However, at that time Pjanic felt he was still very young and lacked experience to be able to join the two clubs. As a result, the player immediately rejected his second offer.

“I have had the opportunity to join clubs like Bayern Munich and Inter Milan in the past, but I don’t think it’s the right moment,”

“Furthermore, I could have joined Juventus two years before I arrived, but even then, I felt it was not the right time,” Pjanic told Canal Plus.

Pjanic himself joined Juventus in the summer transfer market in 2016. However, the Bianconneri actually had made an offer two years earlier, but at that time he refused their offer.

At that time, Pjanic felt that it was not time to join Juventus, which was filled with top-class midfielders like Pogba, Pirlo and Vidal.

“I risk losing two years at a club where Paul Pogba, Andrea Pirlo and Arturo Vidal played regularly,” he added.

While at Juventus, Pjanic himself won a number of titles, especially four consecutive Scudettos and once to the European Champions League final. Even so, at the age of 30, the midfielder is reluctant to be satisfied.

“I’m still not satisfied. I want to have a chance to win big titles. That’s my target. Be the best and win prestigious titles. That’s my wish,” he concluded.

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