Mo Salah was scolded by his mother for hugging a female fan

Received the title as one of the world class players who have millions of fans, Mohamed Salah certainly cannot avoid the name of popularity. Interestingly here, when the popularity of Salah is not included in the good view of the mother.

Salah started his career from Bate, Fiorentina, AS Roma and now, Liverpool. But it can be mentioned the level of popularity arisen when he was playing with Liverpool, and it happened in the 2017-2018 season.

Do not want to miss the start, Salah also immediately gave a quick impact with a successful goal scored as many as 44 goals from 54 appearances in all 2017-2018 season competitions. Salah’s brilliant performances continued into the Champions League final, although in the end they lost to Real Madrid 3-1.

For this extraordinary achievement, Salah cannot escape the world of starry. His popularity has risen dramatically, so many sexy and beautiful women who admire Salah. As for additional information, Salah has an Islamic wife and two children.

Salah’s wife named Magi, they have been married since 2013 in Egypt. Unfortunately for Salah, when a photo of a beautiful woman hugging him suddenly viral to the public.

Mo Salah’s mother immediately protested him through a short message on Whatsapp. Receiving criticism from the mother, then he uploaded a screenshot of his conversation with his mother to Instagram.

Seen in the photo, Salah and the mother did a conversation in Arabic. The conversation contained “If I see your father doing this, I will ask for divorce,” wrote Salah’s mother.

Apart from that, the relationship between the mother and child is still good. Mo Salah uploads it via Instagram Stories and completes it with laughing emojis. In this case, it seems wrong to take it very seriously without reducing the serious feeling to be humorous.

Currently, Salah is struggling to lift the big name Liverpool on local and long distance performances. Where Liverpool are still struggling to win the English Premier League title in a fight against Manchester City. While in the Champions League stage, Salah will fight to help Liverpool vs FC Porto in the quarter-finals later this morning.

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