Mobile Legends updates have too many bugs, MPL ID S6 asked to be postpone

The majority of Mobile Legends Bang Bang game users complained about the many bugs in the latest game update which is currently skyrocketing. As a result, it was suggested that the MPL ID S6 Tournament be postponed first.

For information, Mobile Legends Bang Bang has indeed presented the latest updates since a few days ago. They call the update Project Next.

Well, interestingly, in this latest update, the Developer optimizes the performance and strength of old heroes like Eudora, Layla, Saber, Zilong, Miya and Alucard.

In addition, there are also some changes in terms of appearance, whether it’s the logo of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game and a more modern and pleasing battle field appearance.

It’s just that, not all connoisseurs of this MOBA genre game have received the latest MLBB updates well. One of them is Udil, who is an esports athlete from the Alter Ego team.

Through his personal Instagram account, Udil complained about many bugs in the latest update to the game made by Moonton.

In fact, Udil also hopes that the MPL ID S6 will be postponed first because there are many bugs in the latest Mobile Legend Bang Band update.

“Mobile Legends has a lot of bugs now. Please postpone MPL because it is not ready. ” Thus wrote Udil.

This news was then uploaded by the MOBA fan base fan account, @emakmoba. Many Instagram users later confirmed the complaint.

“MLBB: MOBA LAG LOTS OF BUG, ​​VALID NO DEBATE !!! PING JUMPING CONTINUE WOI AFTER UPDATE NIH,” wrote one netizen with the account @syahrulghufroniramadhan in the comment column @emak_moba.

Worse, other Instagram accounts also experience a crash in the middle of the game when played. He admitted that he did not know whether the cause was the game itself or because his cellphone was not powerful enough.

“Yes, there are many, frequent crashes, frame drops, when a war crashes a lot when I don’t know the cellphone is a potato or it’s from the MLBB,” wrote another netizen in reply.

So far, there is still no clarification from Mobile Legend, but what is clear is that they must quickly fix the bug.

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