Moise Kean’s girlfriend been crowned as a Muay Thai champion

Lovers of the English Premier League deserve to boast because they have a myriad of beautiful and sexy WAGs from around the world. But what happens when they find out that the mainstay of the WAGs has status as a Muay Thai champion.

This status talks about the success of Everton in hijacking Juventus starlet, Moise Kean in the 2019 summer transfer window. Great hopes also weighed on the shoulders of the player to be able to make a major contribution to the progress of Everton on the Premier League and European stage.

Interestingly here, when Kean’s action was awaited on the Premier League’s green field, it turned out that the British public was also waiting for the presence of his lover, Nif Brascia who had previously seized the attention of men with their sexy curves.

Kean was a success in giving a new color to the English Premier League WAGs drama. The title of a beautiful and sexy woman who has long been attached to the Premier League WAGs also slightly gives a new color, where Nif Brascia is not only sexy and beautiful, but she also has the status of champion Muaythai.

Nif Brascia, 21 years old, has never lost in 50 matches. This status completes the positive aura of Nif Brascia, who is claimed to have met at a nightclub in Milan, Italy. The first meeting was immediately matched, and brought them to this day.

Nif Brascia is one of the Juventus fanatics, claimed she was quite surprised and also sad when the lover decided to leave the Allianz Arena to Everton. Despite this sadness, Nif Brascia who has Thai blood continues to support her lover’s career.

“Juventus are my support club, and also my family because we love their history,” said Nif Brascia.

As an athlete, initially Nif Brascia was not thought to be a Muaythai athlete. Sexiness of her body shape and beautiful face shifted her profile as a hard martial arts athlete. Before plunging into the arena of Muaythai, Nif Brascia also had time to pursue the world of taekwondo, and finally in this world thanks to the advice of his father.

“Many people thought that I was a capital when I entered the World Championships, but finally they understood when they saw me fight,” concluded Nif Brascia.

Certainty Kean moved closer to Everton to bring his own blessing to Nif Brascia, as evidenced by his social media account, especially Instagram, which was immediately beaten by Everton fans. Nif Brascia is known as a figure who often posts sexy photos in a super seductive bikini.

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