Morbidelli opened up how difficult it was to race at Emilia Romagna

In the Emilia Romagna series, at the Misano Circuit last weekend, one of the home riders, Franco Morbidelli, failed to get to the podium, he even finished in 9th place.

However, these results seem good enough for the Petronas Yamaha SRT team rider. The reason is, before the race took place, he had fallen behind in the last position and made a comeback to take 9th place.

Not only that, the Rider who graduated from VR46 Academy also experienced digestive problems at the beginning of the week. Due to this problem, Morbidelli was unable to attend the VR46 Riders’ victory celebration event and was also absent from the mid-season trial.

Not only that, Morbidelli also canceled all plans to meet with the press for an interview session. As a result, he was pessimistic about joining the Misano Circuit.

However, all these obstacles did not affect Morbidelli’s condition, he could still appear and finish in 9th place.

“Now I’m a little better. On Sunday night, I ate something and couldn’t wake up at all. Thanks to Dr. Angelini, our nutritionist, who gave me the energy to get back on the road.”

“I thought I couldn’t ride the whole race, but I did,” he said via Sky Sport.

Although this result is quite a contrast to the previous series at San Marino, where he won the race in an extraordinary way, but Morbidelli still satisfied finishing in 9th position.

The reason is, his time there was wasted a lot because of the accident with Espargaro.

“We should have been able to race better. Unfortunately, Aleix made a mistake and hit me. I fell behind and wasted time clearing the debris stuck in the clutch.”

“But I had a good comeback, finished ninth, and I was quite happy,” he said.

Meanwhile, finishing as 9th in the Emilia Rogana Series yesterday, now Morbidelli has collected 64 points, the same number as Jack Miller in 6th place in the standings.

Next, Morbidelli will race again at the Catalunya GP series, Spain. The race plan will be held on 27 September.

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