More than 1,000 restaurants in Jakarta are permanently closed due to Covid-19 pandemic

Seven months have passed since the Coronavirus pandemic took place in Indonesia. So, during that period, the capital city of Jakarta felt a very big impact, in fact there are a total of more than 1000 restaurants in the capital that closed permanently.

Jakarta has indeed become one of the provinces in Indonesia that has felt the impact of this pandemic. The high growth rate of Coronavirus cases makes the local government have to implement the PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions).

With these rules, community activities outside the home are very limited. No doubt many business actors have gone out of business, in fact there are recorded more than 1000 restaurants there that have to swallow the bitter pill and close permanently.

“The restaurants surveyed were 4,469 out of a total of 9,054 restaurants that were permanently closed in 1033, so almost 10%. Temporarily closed 429 means that they can still open again and this is DKI Jakarta.” said Deputy Chairman of PHRI for Restaurant, Emil Arifin, as reported by CNBC Indonesia.

In fact, Emil said that the data was from last September, whereas now it has entered the middle of November and the PSBB is still valid.

“This data is as of September 2020. Now there are more times,” he added.

Furthermore, Emil revealed how usually a restaurant chain, which consists of 20 branches, now only opens 8-9 branches. This is due to the problem of working capital which depends on the restaurant’s daily income.

“I can’t start again, I run out of capital. It’s like having a loss but can’t take a long breath, so it’s closed. Usually with 15 million sales customers in the mall, now comes sales of 2-3 million. After a long time, they die,” said Emil.

Conditions like this of course make it difficult for restaurant owners to get an appropriate income. Bringing in investors may sound promising, but who would dare to invest in the midst of a pandemic like now.

“You can get bank assistance if the bank wants to provide a loan. It needs restructuring again, it can also sell assets or add new investors to corporate action. However, investors are also very selective in this condition,” said Emil.

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