Mother of Messi’s little fan from Afghanistan expecting helps from Messi

The public hopes again, where they pray for the safety of the little fan of Lionel Messi named Murtaza Ahmadi. All of this leads to complaints and requests from Shafiqa, who is the mother of the child.

The mother asked for help from the Barcelona mega star so that her son could be dropped out of Afghanistan for a better future. The news has a viral history in which in January 2016, small Ahmadis wore Argentina national team jersey complete with the name Messi behind him plus number 10.

Interestingly here when the jersey is made of a plastic bag. From here the beginning of Ahamadi’s meeting with Messi in Qatar last year. On the occasion, Ahmadi photos with Messi and the Barca squad. Not only that, he also got two jersey plus a ball which all were signed by the 31-year-old player.

Hoping to get positive values, Ahmadi instead got bad things for the meeting that had taken place. In November 2018, the Taliban occupied the Jaghori district in Ghazni, the area where the Ahmadi lived. At that time, the Taliban carried out massacres of murder and violence.

To make matters worse, they prohibited children from playing football and Ahmadis themselves were specifically targeted by the Taliban and other groups. Where all that is the result of the famous name Ahamadi on Arab earth.

“Starting when Ahmadi became famous, life became difficult for our family. Not only the Taliban, but several other groups also began to think that Messi might have given him a lot of money. We stopped sending him to school, and we were constantly threatened,” said Shafiqa.

Everyone told us to leave the place immediately, and it was good to eliminate Ahmadi traces. Finally Ahmadi’s father helped the two escape to the nearby city of Bamyan.

“For the last time I saw Ahmadi’s father. Then he returned, and I haven’t seen him since. I miss him very much. When he contacted my mother, I also talked to him. But now I don’t know where he is,” Shafiqa said.

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