MotoGP season officially postponed, Vinales stays positive

Maverick Vinales looks disappointed with the fact that MotoGP this season has been postponed. However, the Spanish rider claimed to remain calm and positive facing this vacuum period.

The MotoGP edition of the 2020 season has indeed been officially suspended, the reason being none other than because of the Corona Virus outbreak which continues to spread rapidly and has an impact in various Countries which are planned to become Venue this season.

Including Qatar, Thailand, the United States, to Argentina. As a result, the local government and MotoGP did not dare to take risks. They finally postponed the racing performance this season in the interests of all parties.

Obviously this is disappointing for the riders, the article they have prepared themselves as best as possible in the three pre-season trial periods. However, Ducati Corse rider Maverick Vinales chose to remain calm and positive facing the suspension of this schedule.

“I deal with this situation calmly and positively. This is the situation, we cannot change it. So this is an additional day to improve, because when the season starts, it will be difficult to concentrate. Now I have plenty of time to prepare myself better before the new season, “he said.

Padalah, the Spanish rider listed himself as the fastest rider in the trial that was held at the Losail Circuit, Qatar at the end of February. That is, he lost momentum ahead of the real race.

As for if there are no significant obstacles, it is planned that the first series of MotoGP this season will be held in May at the Jerez Circuit, Spain. Vinales claimed not to care, the most important thing was the race.

“I can’t wait to drive the M1 again and race soon, because we prepared this season very well this year. Once the race starts, we are ready. It doesn’t matter which track we will start, I just feel we have to race as soon as possible, “he said.

Keep in mind, with the suspension of this schedule, it is probable that riders will compete with each other until December 2020. It is not impossible that it will only be completed until January 2021.

In fact, January is set as an anti-race month, because riders are allowed to take a break and rest.

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