Mourinho “criticize” Tottenham about Lionel Messi

Tottenham Hotspur tactician Jose Mourinho even threw a satire at Manchester City when asked about his team’s interest in recruiting Argentine superstar Lionel Messi.

As is well known, Lionel Messi did make a scene in the world of football by fax he sent to Barcelona. In the fax, Lionel Messi asked the club to terminate his contract this summer.

In fact, there have been names of clubs that are said to be able to accommodate Messi. One of them is Man City. The Premier League giants do have abundant financial strength, especially since there is Pep Guardiola, Messi’s former coach at Barcelona.

Interestingly, Jose Mourinho as the coach of Tottenham Hotspur also coveted Lionel Messi in his squad.

However, the Portuguese coach subtly quipped Manchester City, saying that Messi would only join teams that violate Financial Fair Play rules.

Naturally, Messi has a transfer fee of 700 million Euro.

“For my Top Eleven team? No, not for Tottenham. Only for Top Eleven. We respect the Financial Fair Play at Tottenham,” said Mourinho.

“He can only go to a team that does not respect Financial Fair Play, so this is not Tottenham, for sure,” he replied to JOE.

As is known, Manchester City did violate Financial Fair Play regulations and was sanctioned with a ban on appearing on the European stage plus a fine of 30 million pounds.

However, CAS changed the sanctions when Manchester City filed an appeal. Not only were the sanctions being banned from appearing abolished, the fine itself was slashed to 10 million Pounds sterling.

Mourinho did not seem to accept the cutting sanctions and expressed harsh criticism.

“In this case, it is a disgraceful decision because if City are not guilty you will not be punished with [fine] 10 million pounds,”

“If you are innocent you should not be fined. If they are guilty the verdict is shameful and you should be banned from competition,” said the Portuguese coach.

Meanwhile, Messi himself was hopeless at Barcelona’s decision to set a high official price and was eventually forced to stay at Camp Nou next season.

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