Mourinho ensures Son and Harry Kane have recovered and ready to play

Tottenham tactician Jose Mourinho can ensure that the two mainstay players of the club, Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min have recovered and are ready to play again. You could say this is good news in the midst of the Corona pandemic which made the competition stop.

Over the past few years, Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min became the mainstay of the Spurs on the front lines. Before the pandemic suspended the Premier League, the two players scored 20 goals for Tottenham Hotspur in the League.

But disaster befell these two players when the second half of the season arrived, they suffered severe injuries, and the distance is also close together. After Son and Kane’s absence, Spurs seemed to have difficulty competing at the top level.

Noted, in the last five matches, Spurs were only able to score just five goals. They even had to swallow the harsh reality when removed RB Leipzig from the European Champions League.

Failure in the Champions League makes Spurs was determined to improve performance and focus entirely on the Premier League event. But the Covid-19 pandemic struck, the league was temporarily stopped.

On the one hand, of course this suspension is unfortunate, but also a blessing for Spurs, because that way they have plenty of time to wait for the return of Kane and Son. Sure enough, new coach Jose Mourinho confirmed that the two players had recovered and were ready to train again.

“Harry Kane, Son, Bergwijn, Sissoko, everyone, they are fine. “I think in a few weeks of normal training, when the authorities allow us to practice morally, the players will be ready to play,” Mourinho told Sky Sports.

However, both players cannot undergo training as usual, because even though the club has been allowed to train again, there are health protocols that must be obeyed, including maintaining distance between players.

“We cannot compete, we cannot fight one on one, we must keep our distance and cannot compete with each other,”

“Just a few days ago in a group of five people, before all the training process took place individually,” concluded the former Manchester United coach.

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