Mourinho: “Man City are lucky get a lower-class opponent”

Jose Mourinho does not seem to want to escape the growth of the world of football. After filling his time with one of the world ‘s leading television stations, Mourinho is now re-emerging by satirizing the pace of Manchester City, and said they have an easy opponent in the Champions League and cup competitions this season.

Josep Pep Guadiola’s team is indeed in a favorable position after beating Schalke 3-2 in the first leg of the Champions League last 16. When referring to this situation, it is appropriate for Guardiola to be given praise for his performance over the past few days.

This season, City have collected the Carabao Cup, and still have other opportunities in the domestic arena with the start of winning domestic matches against Fulham and Swansea City in the FA Cup quarter-finals next week.

The positive steps taken by Manchester City came under the spotlight with Mourinho who claimed Manchester City were lucky to be able to go further because they got a mild opponent.

“Yes, easily, Man City has a very good season. But honestly, they were very lucky with the draw. You can see their Champions League group phase [easy]. And now the match against Schalke, I’m sure they will beat Schalke and will meet Porto or Ajax in the quarter-finals,” said Mourinho.

Mourinho is now unknown, after being up front by Manchester United in December last year. However, Mourinho’s big name cannot be underestimated, so far the name of this Portuguese-born coach has continued to be linked with Inter Milan and Real Madrid.

Mourinho is claimed to be replacing Santiago Solari at the Santiago Bernabeu, as Solari is considered a failure due to not going far in the Champions League and the declining quality of EL Real in Spanish La Liga.

Inter Milan itself is claimed to have similarities with Madrid, where they intend to find a replacement for Massimiliano Allegri who is considered to have been too long to engineer the Juve squad, and the worst is yet to present the Champions League title.

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