Mourinho: “now it’s difficult to bring in top players”

Manchester United coach, Jose Mourinho finally admitted that it was difficult for his team to bring in the world’s top players now. According to the former Real Madrid coach, there are many reasons behind this, including the fact that other teams like Tottenham Hotspur have shown remarkable progress in recent years. Therefore, Mourinho is reluctant to expect too much to recruit top players in the transfer window.

As is known, Manchester United is indeed a big team, even now it still holds the title as a club with the most Premier League titles in history. But unfortunately, in recent years, setbacks have lurked in the Red Devils. Since being left behind by their legendary coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, they have difficulties competing. Let alone in the Champions League, Manchester United are also difficult to compete in the hunt for Premier League titles.

As a result, not only is the title difficult to achieve, but also the star players who become targets in the transfer market. For example, Gareth Bale and Ivan Perisic who are MU’s target but failed to be recruited, including Portugal’s mega star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Regarding this, Jose Mourinho admitted that it was now increasingly difficult to recruit star players.

“Depends, I will give you an example and I hope this is a good example and I hope you don’t interpret it in the wrong way. Regarding history and dimensions, is Manchester United bigger than Tottenham? With all respect, Tottenham is an extraordinary club. I think everyone agrees.”

“Can we buy their best players? No, they will not make a sale because they have the power to refuse. Who were the Tottenham players a few years ago? Michael Carrick. Previous? Berbatov. Can MU come to buy Harry Kane, Dele Allis, Christian Eriksen, Son Heung-min? Can we bring that? Not. Now who is the stronger. They or us?” said the manager to the journalist.

Furthermore, Mourinho believes that football has now changed, so he does not want to expect to bring in first-class players.

“Football has changed. Now it’s more difficult to bring in players with very high levels. Clubs now are stronger and don’t want to sell. Previously small teams begged for larger teams to buy players. Now it is the opposite. In situations like now, increasing the quality of the team by buying players is increasingly difficult.”

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