Mourinho reveals happy to see tensions between Lloris and Son

Two mainstay players Tottenham, Hugo Lloris and Son Heung-Min surprisingly clashed in the match against Everton earlier this morning. Talking about this, coach Jose Mourinho admitted he was happy.

Tuesday morning WIB (07/07), Tottenham Hotspur did face Everton in the Premier League. The match was won by Jose Mourinho’s men thanks to an own goal scored by Michael Keane in the middle of the first half.

However, what’s interesting about the match was not just the Spurs victory, but the incident that occurred at the end of the first half. Hugo Lloris, who acted as captain, was seen arguing with the club’s mainstay striker, Son-Heung Min.

It was stated that the beginning of the dispute was because the Captain was upset with the fact that Son did not try to stop Richarlison’s movements. Because of this, goalkeeper Lloris almost conceded.

Unable to feel upset, the French player then approached Son Heung-Min and scolded him. Son also did not seem to accept, as a result both of them had an argument which forced the other Tottenham players to intervene before entering the dressing room.

Talking about the dispute between the two players after the match, coach Jose Mourinho admitted he was happy.

“I want to make sure that the players understand that I am happy with that. When I say that to them, I think they realize that there is nothing wrong with that, “he said, quoted by Sports Mole.

What makes this ex-Chelsea coach upset is the fact that the incident occurred when the two players were still on the field. However, Mourinho was quite relieved because once he arrived at the dressing room, the problem was resolved.

“What happened should not have happened on the field, but in the dressing room. But I promise that there is a fight in my winning team, a big fight, ”

“When I arrived I saw the opposite, everything was over and they embraced. Hugo thinks that in those minutes the attacking players should try more, “he added.

Of course the news of the end of the dispute between the two players is good news, considering that Tottenham Hotspur will face Bournemouth next Friday.

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