Mourinho satisfied with Tottenham’s performance after holding Chelsea to a draw

Playing a draw is not always bad, for example seeing the match between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur last weekend. Although the score ended with a goalless draw, coach Jose Mourinho admitted he was satisfied with the performance of his players in that match.

The London derby takes place at Stamford Bridge on Sunday night WIB (29/11).

As usual, it is not easy for any team to face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Moreover, the match that Tottenham played yesterday largely determines their competition in the Premier League standings.

Sure enough, the game that was full of prestige ended up with a score on glasses. As a result of this draw the two teams had to settle for sharing the points.

In the end, Tottenham remained at the top with one additional point, while Chelsea was also stuck in 3rd position.

Speaking after the match, coach Jose Mourinho was quite satisfied with his team, not only about the results but also the mentality of the players in the dressing room who seemed dissatisfied with the draw at the headquarters of opponents as strong as Chelsea.

“A draw at Stamford Bridge is usually considered a positive thing, and staying at the top of the table should be positive too. But my dressing room is not happy with the result and it’s fantastic.”

“This is a massive change of mentality and personality,” Mourinho told Goal international.

Furthermore, the coach from Portugal explained his analysis of the match. According to him, the two teams did appear to be careful throughout the match.

“This is a game where we value them and they respect us. Nobody gambled today to change the course of the match,”

“Everyone is in a difficult situation where one mistake can make the opponent win the match, especially in the last 15 minutes.” continued Mourinho.

Apart from that, the former Manchester United coach cannot deny the fact that yesterday’s match was difficult for both teams.

“They fired one shot from distance, we got more chances in the first half than in the second half. I think this match is difficult for both teams,” he said.

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