Mourinho’s philosophy at Manchester United is an obstacle to Sanchez’s development

A former Barcelona star, Alexis Sanchez will find it difficult to develop in terms of performance if Manchester United still carry the same playing style, according to Chilean National Team U-20 coach, Jose Sulantay. According to him, Manchester United’s style of play carried by manager Jose Mourinho has hampered the development of Alexis Sanchez.

As is known, Alexis Sanchez joined Manchester United in the winter transfer window January 2018 from Arsenal. This 29-year-old man has become an exchange deal between the Red Devils and Arsenal, as the North London giants get service to Armenian midfielder, Henrikh Mkhitaryan. In the second half of the 2017/18 season, Alexis Sanchez did not appear impressive along with Jose Mourinho’s team.

There are those who judge that this is indeed because they have not adapted to the style of playing the Red Devils. But, at the start of the campaign this season, the former Udinese player is still not performing according to public expectations. According to Sulantay, this was none other than the playing style carried by Jose Mourinho’s manager at Manchester United.

For Sulatany, Manchester United’s ‘defensive’ style of play has actually hampered the development of Alexis Sanchez over the past few months and this is not good for the player’s continued career.

“Of course, the Champions League is an additional motivation for every footballer. But, with Alexis’s current condition, I don’t know whether his performance can improve as there is a big competition faced. I actually judge him in a situation that is less balanced and quite negative.”

“It will be difficult for him to return to his best level if he continues like this. In addition, there was little help from Jose Mourinho’s defensive game, which relied on long ball and it missed the sector where he used to play. This situation should make him worry. Hopefully his condition improves, “said Jose Sulantay to El Mercurio.

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