MU keep hunting Kieran Trippier’s signature

Manchester United still show their identity as the target of young players, including its long-standing target, which is still up to now. It was stated that Kieran Trippier, as Tottenham’s full right back was still on the Red Devils’ target list.

Based on reliable sources, Manchester United have prepared an offer for Tottenham, and the process is planned to occur when the 2019 summer transfer market is officially opened. The Red Devils’ interest in Trippier, was because they lacked of defenders.

Can be proven that next season Manchester United will be left by Antonio Valencia, who decided not to renew his contract at Old Trafford. Then, the foremost name expected by Manchester United now is Trippier.

Actually there have been claims that say if Trippier almost arrived at Manchester in the transfer market last season. But the process failed because there was no agreement between these two parties. Now the Red Devils are claimed to be curious and ready to give something bigger than before.

Aware of Manchester United’s interest, Tottenham were ready to open themselves up to negotiate with enduring opponents in the Premier League. Investigate, Tottenham’s big boss, Daniel Levy wants to get super-large profits from Trippier.

According to some British media, Tottenham are ready to release Trippier with a fee of 30 million Pounds. If it is true that the price is for Trippier, then the Red Devils are ready to consider it, and the existing claims call if the price is too high.

If it fails to get Trippier services, the Red Devils are ready to slam the steering wheel and prospective replacement Trippier, is Crystal Palace defender, Aaron Wan-Bissaka. Maybe it could be a big obstacle for Manchester United, Palace set a high price of 45 million Pounds.

Apart from that, according to some sources, Solskjaer was more interested in Wan-Bissaka, because he is still young, so he has a more promising long-term income than Trippier, who is now 28 years old.

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