MU spend big sum of money for Mourinho’s compensation

Who said if the dismissal of Jose Mourinho‘s files had been taken care of, it was not? Investigated, it turns out that Manchester United‘s business with Mourinho has not been completed. It was just said that the Red Devils repaid all debts to pay compensation for the sacking of the coach.

As already known together, Mourinho was fired by Manchester United at the end of December 2018 yesterday. This dismissal must be taken by Manchester United because of the barrage of bad results they received both in domestic and European competitions.

Now, Manchester United are coached by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, as temporary coach. Together with the Norwegian man, the Red Devils’ performance immediately showed a drastic increase by winning 10 consecutive wins and re-entering the 4th position in the English Premier League.

Interestingly, despite releasing Mourinho, the repayment status was not finished. In his statement, the club said that the Red Devils had to spend as much as 19.6 million Pounds as Mourinho’s severance pay.

“The value reached 19.6 million pounds, in connection with compensation for the former trainer along with several coaching staff members who worked with him during this time,” wrote the Manchester United side on its official website.

That justification can be seen on the pages of Manchester United who have just released their financial results during this half of the season. In addition, the Red Devils also announced a record income of 208.6 million pounds in the quarter.

His real defense came from Ed Woodward as deputy director of Manchester United who claimed to remain satisfied. Because the appointment of Ole Gunnar Solskjar as a substitute for Mourinho had a positive impact.

“The change of position of the coach now has a positive impact on the club. We are satisfied with the development of the team’s performance since December and we look forward to the completion of the slick 2018/2019 season,” said Woodward.

The positive record of Manchester United stopped in the Champions League event. Playing in the 1st leg of the last 16, Manchester United had to accept the bitter pill by losing 2-0 to Paris Saint Germain. This defeat is getting worse, because Paul Pogba will not be able to play in the second leg later due to a red card.

Left behind 2 goals, also closed the opportunity for Manchester United to be able to step into the next round because later they will play at home to Paris Saint Germain.

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