MU urged to complete the transfer move of Sergej Milinkovic

Manchester United were in a depressed situation because they were urged by outsiders to immediately settle the transfer of Lazio midfielder, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic. If dissecting his abilities as a player, Savic is considered to be very suitable for the Premier League situation and certainly deserves the Red Devils squad.

Savic is a player who became the main target of Manchester United in the 2019 summer transfer market. Investigate, Manchester United has prepared a budget of 71 million pounds for the 24-year midfielder.

Manchester United’s interest in the player is not the first, last season they also showed interest but did not offer directly. Now everything changes, when there is the possibility of Paul Pogba leaving Old Trafford.

If that is true, then Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs the right replacement, Savic is believed to be able to cover up the shortfall. Various responses emerged, and one of them was Sky Sports Analyst Anton Toloui who believed that Savic would be the best solution if Pogba left Old Trafford.

Added by Anton if the Savic game will be very suitable with the English Premier League, and only takes a little time in the adaptation period.

“Can’t play another top midfielder who matches the Premier League [other than Milinkovic-Savic]. He is big, has good physique, he has great stamina. But the greatest is the reach of the bait. Really, he is a complete midfielder type, “said Anton.

“Interestingly here is Manchester United’s interest in Savic for quite a long time. He is one of the players on Jose Mourinho’s target list last season,”

Yesterday’s 2018-19 season, statistics called Savic’s career journey quite good. Playing with Lazio, Savic was able to show his quality as a midfield general. His figure emerged as one of the best Serie A midfielders, and Anton responded that it was not one eye.

“Two seasons he has had an extraordinary career increasing, even though yesterday’s season declined slightly. He almost left Juventus last year, as a replacement for Paul Pogba because they were still looking for players to fill the space.” Anton continued.

“The transfer was canceled so he was a little confused, he needed time to return to his best game and moving to Manchester United could be a good solution.”

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