MU vs Liverpool more exciting than Merseyside derby

The Marseyside derby is indeed known as one of the hottest derbies in England, however, Liverpool legend John Arne Riise considers the Manchester United versus Liverpool duel to be much more exciting because it is full of prestige.

For information, Liverpool’s duel against Manchester United will color the 18th Matchdays of the 2020/21 Premier League season.

As usual, this duel is always full of prestige, especially at this meeting which will determine the top of the standings. Manchester United leads temporarily at the top with a three-point advantage over 2nd-placed Liverpool.

Yes, for now it can be said that they are the strongest candidates for the Premier League champions. No wonder many are looking forward to their meeting, including John Arne Riise, a former Liverpool defender.

As a former player who has played for Liverpool for approximately 7 years, of course John Arne Riise has faced Manchester United several times.

Well, Riise admitted that he really enjoyed playing against Manchester United, even more so than against Everton, this was because the level of prestige of the two matches was quite a contrast.

“I love playing in Liverpool v Man United matches, more than the Merseyside derby.”

“The only reason for that is because the game against United is a game where you play against a team that is fighting for the same thing as you; the Premier League title, or the top four, won the trophy, “said Riise to Ladbrokes, via Goal.

Meanwhile, the duel against Everton is more prestigious because of the rivalry of the same city.

“With Everton, it’s more of a passion because both teams are from the same city. It’s always been tough against Everton, don’t get me wrong. But I prefer to play against Man United because you know you are playing against the best of the best, “he exclaimed.

Even though it took place at Anfield, John Arne Riise asked Liverpool to remain vigilant of the threat that could be presented by Manchester United, considering that they are currently in good momentum.

“They [MU] are currently confident,” Fabinho was quoted as saying by the Manchester Evening News.

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