Mulan Jameela: Hijrah has made me a better person and far from prejudice

Mulan Jameela, Ahmad Dhani’s wife admitted that the hijrah had made her a better person. The perceived change is far from prejudice, even to the haters.

For information, Mulan Jameela did spark a controversy a few years ago. How come? This 40-year-old woman secretly had an illicit relationship with Ahmad Dhani, who at that time was still the husband of Maia Estianty.

Even more controversial, because Mulan Jameela is a Maia’s duet partner in the ‘Queen’ Duo Group. As a result, Maia officially took Mulan out of the Queen, and also separated from Ahmad Dhani.

Although finally officially married to Ahmad Dhani, Mulan Jameela still received criticism and bullies from netizens on social media. Ironically, this is still happening today.

Even Mulan Jameela is also listed as one of the artists with the highest number of haters on Social Media. The Haters always comment on every activity, activity or post on Mulan on social media, obviously this makes the musician feel uncomfortable.

But, since deciding to migrate and wear the hijab a few years ago, Mulan claimed to be more open, far from prejudice against her haters.

“Making me feel worse every day with anyone. Even with the haters, I don’t think it’s bad, because in my opinion they are also my motivation, “said Mulan in “Hijrah Fest From Home” on the YouTube channel Hijrah Fest.

Instead she feels grateful, fortunate because the haters pay attention to his life, correcting when what he did was wrong.

“I’m actually a lucky person, like a lot of people are watching,”Eh Mulan you can’t do this”. Means I’m a very lucky person. More and more days I have to introspect if this business,” Mulan Jameela said.

Therefore, Mulan, who is now busy becoming a Member of Parliament, is then grateful for the presence of the haters.

“If other people are annoyed, there are haters. There is good wisdom for haters who do it to me. Maybe I should thank those who made me like this, “she said.

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