MU’s fantastic offer for Eriksen IDR 4.4 Billion per week!

Manchester United were finally caught up in their preparations for quietly preparing super-large funds to be able to hijack Christian Eriksen from Tottenham in the upcoming 2019 summer transfer market. One of their big preparation is the Red Devils will offer a fantastic salary of IDR 4.4 billion per week to the player.

Eriksen is proof of one of the best attacking midfielders in the Premier League. Eriksen can be called the brain of Tottenham, cause he is able to provide a consistent game by always competing in the top four of the English Premier League.

For his consistent appearance, the name of Eriksen entered into the ranks of many European elite clubs. Real Madrid is quite serious, but the Spanish club has not yet thrown any offers. But it is different from the Red Devils, where they are ready to give a surprise.

It can be mentioned that Eriksen currently receives a salary of 80 thousand Pounds every week from Tottenham. This amount is considered too small for players who are able to perform as well as themselves, and this opportunity is trying to be offered by Manchester United for Eriksen.

In the sense that Manchester United are very ready to provide a bigger salary if Eriksen wants to dock at Old Trafford. You could say that the amount of salary Eriksen would get if he docked with the Red Devils was three times as much, where the amount of the salary was worth 240 thousand Pounds per week.

If converted into an exchange rate, then the value changes to IDR 4.4 billion in one week. Referring to the value of the salary, it is very reasonable as a Manchester United player. In fact, there are players who get far greater than that value.

Tottenham themselves still can maintain Eriksen for longer, because the player has a value of 30 June 2020 contract. However, losses can happen to them as if not selling Eriksen this season, chances are that the high prices will no longer be available next season.

Interestingly when Eriksen does not want to extend his contract with Tottenham, it means he will be sold free of charge at the end of the 2019/20 season. As an additional ingredient mentions if Real Madrid and Manchester United will get greater competition, where Inter Milan is said to be interested in bringing the best Danish national team midfielder.

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