Mysterious bruises all over her body, this woman died a week later

A 22-year-old woman named Sarah Armstrong, suddenly had bruises all over her body. He was immediately treated to a specialist doctor, unfortunately only a week ago, the woman immediately died.

One week before she died, Sarah went to the doctor and complained of symptoms of bruises all over her body. The nurse working at that time noted that Sarah was diagnosed with stroke symptoms.

A week later, Sarah passed away, and the people around her were then very surprised by this.

“Nobody believed her condition, everyone was very surprised,” said one of Sarah’s childhood friends, Danielle Johnson as quoted by Mirror.

Danielle told me that Sarah had talked to him about the bruises. He advised Sarah to go to the doctor. He also advised her to do a blood check into the Laboratory as soon as possible.

When she found the lab results, it turned out that Sarah was not suffering from stroke symptoms, but was diagnosed with acute Myloid Leukemia. In fact it is a type of blood cancer. Danielle was surprised to hear this Sarah’s speech.

The reason, Sarah is known as a figure who often laughs and is always cheerful for the rest of her life. It was very rare for Danielle to hear the pain complaint that her friend felt. It was only after Sarah died, Danielle realized that Sarah’s illness was very serious.

“I could not believe it, because we had joked and laughed the night before her death. In fact she also does everything for everyone. During her life, Sarah always laughed and she also loved to make others laugh,” he continued.

This incident made Danielle aware, the importance of knowing the symptoms of cancer in order to get treatment immediately. In this case, Sarah is indeed fairly late getting treatment. After just undergoing the chemotherapy method for three days, Sarah passed away.

Meanwhile, blood cancer experienced by Sarah herself is in the rare category. This happens because abnormal blood cells develop rapidly in the body, thereby interfering with the growth of normal blood cells. Some of the symptoms shown are usually tired, shortness of breath and bruises that appear suddenly.

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