Mysterious ‘zombie deer’ disease can spread to humans?

Remember the Hollywood heavy screen films that talked about Zombies? Most of these films tell that the beginning of why Humans become Zombies is due to being contaminated with viruses or mysterious diseases of animals, such as deer. Whether by eating the venison or being bitten by it, people will immediately become zombies.

Things like this do only occur in film alone, but that does not mean closing the possibility of happening in the real world. Moreover, recently, a mysterious disease in America, made a number of deer there into zombies. In fact, humans can also contract the disease from the deer.

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is suspected to infect deer in 26 states in America. A year after contracting this disease, the deer will become thin, drooling, lack of awareness, and aggressive, and until finally the deer dies.

As reported by the Australian media, this disease occurs because of proteins that attack the deer’s brain and spine. This disease is transmitted from contaminated soil, water or food. And as explained by Michael Osterholm, this disease can also infect Humans.

“It could be transmitted to humans now and we don’t know,” said Dr. Michael Osterholm of the US Center for Disease Control (CDC)

In contrast to Mad Cow, CWD disease attacks deer muscles, so it can be transmitted to Humans, the reason for this is that humans consume Deer muscles. Doctor Osterholm explained that by cooking deer muscle meat, it would not destroy the disease at all. This is the reason why this Zombie Disease can afflict Humans.

“Cooking food does not destroy this disease,” Osterholm said.

For information, the deer became the most hunted animal in North America. However, following this Zombie Disease report, hunters are now banned from shooting or eating deer meat that looks sick or is behaving strangely.

Fortunately, in Indonesia itself, deer is one of the protected animals in many areas, so it is unlikely that this disease will infect our citizens. But of course we must remain vigilant in responding to this news.

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