Napoli must learn to respect club supporters

Supporters are the 12th player in the stadium, and their presence is needed by a football team, especially a team as big as Napoli. However, lately Napoli seem to be in trouble with their own supporters. What is wrong?

All of these problems are actually rooted in Carlo Ancelotti’s indifference to instructions from the Club’s President, Aurelio De Laurentiis. Supporters assess what was done by the coaching staff at that time, as an insult to the President. Even though they did not go on strike coming to the stadium, the
fact is that the supporters put great pressure on their players.

As a result, the climax was the dismissal of Carlo Ancelotti from the manager’s chair some time ago, and the club appointed Gennaro Gattuso as the new coach. This does not necessarily restore the confidence of supporters. Instead, they were reluctant to come to the stadium to provide support, no doubt this situation makes the management of Napoli began to worry.

Instead of apologizing, Napoli installed CCTVs on each side of the stadium to find out who was the source of the commotion and riots, then gave sanctions. This makes Edoardo Cosenza as one of Partenopei’s loyal supporters disappointed with the club’s attitude.

“Give sanctions to an engineer who is sitting with his friends in an empty area in the stadium? If this is the way, this will be my last season watching Napoli in San Paolo, “he wrote on social media.

As a result this situation actually worsened the atmosphere, many supporters who later showed their disappointment towards the club through social media.

“If you continue to apply extreme sanctions that do not motivate us at all, the San Paolo Stadium will remain quiet and you will continue to lose,” said a representative of supporters encouraged from the US.

Gattuso’s arrival even made the situation worse, within a month, not even half of the stands were filled with Napoli fans. The most severe when dealing with Genk, where supporters stands only filled only 7000 people, even dominated by the opposing team supporters.

Obviously this situation must be corrected by Napoli, moreover they will face Barcelona in the European Champions League. If not, Napoli will face the La Liga giants, without the support of supporters on 25 February.

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