Napoli won appeal, this is Juventus’ response…

CONI as the Italian Sports Federation has granted Napoli’s appeal regarding the match against Juventus. Thus, the big match duel must be repeated in 2021.

As is known, the match was indeed canceled because Napoli did not appear at Allianz Stadium. At that time, the Napoli side argued that they were not allowed to travel outside the city because of the pandemic that was going crazy.

Indeed, at that time there were two Napoli players who tested positive for the corona virus, but based on the applicable rules, they should still be obliged to play in that match.

As a result, because they did not come to Allianz Stadium, even though there had been a delay of 1×24 hours, Napoli was considered to be automatically defeated by a landslide score of 0-3 and received a penalty in the form of a point deduction.

In fact, the Italian Serie A and the FIGC have clear enough reasons to impose this sanction on Napoli, because they don’t want any other club to follow in the footsteps of Gattuso’s team.

But on the one hand, Napoli also insisted that they were innocent because they did not get permission from the local health authorities. For this reason Napoli then filed an appeal.

Initially, the appeal was rejected, even two of the appeals were rejected. But after filing an appeal to the Italian Sports Committee aka CONI, Napoli got good news about their fate.

CONI decided that the penalty in the form of deducting points to Napoli was officially removed, and the match against Juventus must also be repeated in 2021.

Regarding the news, the Club President, Aurelio De Laurentiis, admitted that he was very happy. This he revealed through his personal Twitter account.

“We are happy. We live in a country where those who respect the rules cannot be punished. And Napoli always follow the rules,” wrote the ADP.

However, when asked to respond to the news, Juventus themselves admitted that they did not care, there was no response whatsoever.

In fact, this appeal automatically also makes them have to fall back to rank 4 in the temporary standings. This is because Napoli got an additional point.

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