Nathaniel Clyne holds a sex party

It is not wrong if many people call Nathaniel Clyne a sex maniac. Evidently, the former Liverpool player who is now defending Bournemouth held an unusual sex party recently. Clyne said he presented eight women, two of whom were still 16 and 17 years old at the party.

Increasingly making the public furious when the party happened not when Clyne failed to help Bournemouth lose 0-3 to Liverpool at Anfield Stadium in the Premier League continued on 9 February 2019 yesterday. Not only inviting eight women, Clyne also invited his male friends to enliven the party.

Located in England, Clyne apparently did not hold the party in her country of residence, but held the party in Spain which was opened since 16.00 local time. At the party, Clyne and her friends were seen drunk.

The party itself was held in a place called Mosh Fun Kinchen. Clyne presents a world-renowned beverage classmate Pornstar Martinis which is known to be worth 1,500 Pounds. Referring to that moment, it is certain that Clyne reached into her pocket deeply.

“Clyne partying with his friends on February 10 from afternoon to 12:30 a.m. They eat, drink, party, all day long, “acknowledged the source involved in the party.

If you dissect Clyne’s attitude, then this kind of thing is not the first time. Even this attitude was not acceptable to Kelci Molloy, until she had to end her relationship with Clyne. It is known that the Kelci caught Clyne cheating. Worse yet, Kelci caught the affair in a Jacuzzi, where Kelci and Clyne lived.

It was a disaster for Clyne, where he was anxious about his professional career because he was involved in cases of sex videos spread to social media. There is no known motive for the spread of the video, but clearly Clyne is making love with a woman in a British luxury apartment.

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