Negligence in taking care of children, this EL Real’s WAGs criticized by netizen

Girlfriend of Real Madrid midfielder Isco, Sara Salamo, has just become a ‘viral’ actress through her careless actions in taking care of her child. This moment was crowded after she was caught on camera bringing out her son named Theo. At once, the netizens attacked her after posting daily with the child outside the house.

The emergence of this frenzy begins with posting a photo of Sara Salamo with the child on her personal Instagram account. In the post, Sara Salamo was wearing a black dress accompanied by the child she was carrying.

On that day the sun was hot and immediately about Sara Salamo and her child posing in the front yard of the house. Not to forget Sara Salamo wrote the caption “My happiness”.

Intending to share happiness, Sara Salamo actually got insults from netizens for being considered to have let the child overheat because they did not wear covers or hats. Instantly, Sara Salamo’s Instagram account comments column is flooded with many users, and it can be proven that its contents show a lot of criticism.

“Avoid her from sun. Be careful, she is still too small to be exposed to sunlight, “wrote a summary of many comments from users.

Knowing the many criticisms, Sara Salamo reacted by saying thank you very much for being reminded. But she did the defense by claiming only a few minutes in the sun, so it would not make the child feel hot.

“We were only outside for a few minutes for photos and it was 8.30 a night, but thank you for worrying about us,” replied Sara Salamo.
This woman who works as a lingerie model is known to start sharing the greatness with Isco since July 2017. Along the love story, Isco remains an important part of Real Madrid.

Although he was rumored to be leaving the Santiago Bernabeu, but all was able to return to normal and the arrival of Zinedine Zidane as a coach, gave new hope for him to re-enter the main squad of EL Real.

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