Nemanja Matic Ceritakan Betapa Ketatnya Disiplin Latihan di MU

Nemanja Matic Tells How Tight the Training Discipline At MU

Every European Top Club has their own way of regulating the disciplinary attitude of their players, some are considered to have very strict rules, including Manchester United. This fact was revealed directly by one of their players, Nemanja Matic.

Matic revealed that every time there is a rule that is violated by a player, the penalty is to pay a forfeit in the amount that has been agreed upon.

For example, when a player arrives late for a training session, the penalty will be different depending on how long they are late. Well, Nemanja Matic himself had felt this sanction, but not too late in a training session, but in a team meeting.

The former Chelsea player was still subject to a penalty even though he was only two seconds late, and the delay was because he had a chance to chat with Paul Pogba.

“I have to say, before facing Newcastle, I have to pay a forfeit for myself. I was two seconds late for the meeting, and the rules are the same for everything,”

“I have to forfeit myself, because I was caught by them! I was late for the meeting. At the front of the room, I was talking to Paul, so I’m going to ask him to pay 50 percent of my fine. I don’t know if he will take it!” said Matic on the club’s official website.

In fact, Nemanja Matic was appointed as a driving force for team discipline, he did not hesitate to impose sanctions on his colleagues for breaking the rules, including captain Harry Maguire.

On one occasion, Harry Maguire was caught carrying a cellphone to the gym, where this was also prohibited by the club.

“He was forfait. He took the phone into the gym. The thing is, we decide what the fine is! A few days later, he took the phone to the gym, so I had to say, ‘Harry, I’m sorry’,”

“It’s very important, discipline in the team, so that’s why we set the ground rules. No late training, no meetings, no phones in the gym. They had difficulty adapting for several months.” He said

Yes, however, discipline in a football club is very necessary.

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