Netizen mocked John Stones’ new beautiful girlfriend

It doesn’t sound long enough about the romance of John Stones with his new sexy girlfriend. Now the public once again talking about this Manchester City defense star, the latest came not from his love affair, but because of the silly behavior of the player in the UEFA National League event.

Instead of getting a positive response from fans of the England national team, instead he received a scathing response from netizens. This moment happened when John Stones showed his action on the green field bravely showing off his lover, Olivia Naylo.

Against Switzerland in the race for third place, this big tall defender confidently kissed his lover in the stands to celebrate Gareth Southgate’s 6-5 victory in a shootout in Guimaraes, Portugal.

As it had been crowded before, where it all ended with s’uper spicy ridicule’. Where John Stones made a fatal blunder when England smothered the Netherlands 3-1 in the UEFA Nations League semi-final.

In the first Dutch goal, John Stones seemed to give the opponent the chance to break into England’s goal and the second with the title so ridiculous John Stones could lose the ball. These two bad moments got comments from former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher as a “stupid” mistake.

The stupid mistake of John Stones also invited a lot of questions and one of the most viral ones was the response to the decline in John Stones’ performance due to his current love scandal.

“The discussion among the players is that John Stones’ personal life could have something to do with his mistakes,” said by trusted source who did not wish to be named.

Investigate, John Stones’s new girlfriend is actually pregnant now. They started dating after the Manchester City player dumped his childhood sweetheart, Millie Savage, when they had been blessed with one daughter.

Shortly after, John Stones got a big sneer in the locker room. According to several sources, the ridicule was about how the player tried to move on with the way of leaving his spouse and daughter, by just choosing Olivia.

Before Olivia, John Stones and Millie were famous as two beautiful couples, because they had been in love since childhood. This beautiful and sexy woman is the figure who dedicated herself from the very beginning accompany John Stones’ football career, which started from Barnsley Academy till 2018 World Cup in Russia.

When all were overwhelmed by problems, and John Stones with Millie began to separate. The figure of Olivia came on a night in Manchester with a special dressing that immediately received special attention from John Stones.

“Now everyone especially in Manchester and England hopes John can put everything behind him and regain his best performance on and off the pitch,” continued the source.

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